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The Village Common // a dream three generations in the making, spanning over 40 years. Continuing their families passion, rooted in bringing authentic, unique,and well-made products to the community. Blake Hays and Benjamin Lebel bring to you a new installment of these family traditions blended together. Creating handmade, natural apothecary goods, kindled by their family history, Ben and Blake are continuing the legacy of the Village Common.

“Village Common is a dream coming true. Our relationship has brought our families and their traditions together and together we bring you Village Common”


VILLAGE COMMON Garden Collection Oregano Candle - Large

VILLAGE COMMON Garden Collection Oregano Candle - Large


Each candle comes packaged in a reusable cotton bag, hand stamped with original artwork and includes an organic seed pack of the scents namesake. Plant and enjoy the scents and flavors of the VILLAGE COMMON Garden Collection for years after your candles have burned away.  Turn a 70-hour candle into a lifelong perrenial.

GOOD TO KNOW // The VILLAGE COMMON Garden Collection candles are made with all natural soy wax and infused with 100% pure essential oils and coconut oil

MUST-HAVE // VILLAGE COMMON Oregano Candle Large

SCENT // Oregano


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